Social Media For Businesses

Social Media For Businesses

Are you looking for information on social media for your business? Is social media new to you? Are you not getting the results you hoped for?

Social media is a wonderful option for engagement with current clients and potential ones. It helps you spread awareness about your services, create brand loyalty, and target clients based on interests, demographics, and more.

We have ran some really great campaigns in the past, and would love to give you some tips on social media for businesses.

social media for businesses

Social Media for Businesses

1. Post Pictures That Your Clients Like!


Posting pictures that your clients will respond to and react in a positive way, is the way to go. Images and captions should match the tone of your business, and be toward your target audiences age. Before you post anything on social media, make sure it is something you feel your customer would want to talk about or be interested in.

Post content like quotes, how-to guides, videos, before and afters, and even reviews that were given to you. Also, throw in some of those at work pictures, and let your clients know you are always refreshing your skills and learning.

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2. Use Facebook To Communicate

Facebook is the perfect place for you to share pictures, discounts and promotions, services, unique ideas or create contests or giveaways to promote brand loyalty and spread awareness of your brand. Also, make sure to give exclusive discounts to followers on Facebook, that aren’t found anywhere else.

One of the best things you can do is use Facebook Ads and Facebook Groups. Use Facebook Ads to their full ability through targeting. You may want to only target people located close to your business, or those who like related Facebook Pages and businesses.

Facebook Groups are a great way to gain more engagement. Why? A while back Facebook made changes that only allows 2%-7% of your following to see your posts. They did this so that businesses would spend more on ads. With groups everyone is notified, and has the option to see your feed.

Treat Your Facebook Like a Website/Community.
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3. Instagram – Be Trendy!

Use hashtags that are trending to draw more users to your Instagram page. An example would #merrychristmas. During the holidays it will bring more people to your page, and also use your cities hashtags on every post.

Before and After pictures go a long way on Instagram. It shows your work, and by placing your customers testimonial on the capture, it’s a win, win!

Promotions, incentives, and giveaways are also huge on Instagram. Have them repost, to get entered into a drawing.

Social media for businesses. Please share your ideas, and what has worked for you.
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