Woodturning Classes By VetArts

VetArts woodturning classes, supporting the USO at Fort Belvoir.

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VetArts has been sponsoring a series of woodturning classes at the local USO on Fort Belvoir VA. These classes have been lead by Steve McCombs another woodworker that is also a vendor on the Vetarts.com site. Steve has been woodturning pens, coffee scoops,  and ice cream scoops with Soldiers at the local USO. The classes are always fun, and the participants appreciate the opportunity to learn something new.

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Here are some comments from one of the participants.


“The class was great! I learned a new skill and how to use a small wood lathe.  This class exposed me to a new art form, and I’m very interested in doing more. I really enjoyed it and hope I get to do it again some time. The class is in a safe and supportive environment and it was nice to connect with other vets.”

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Why do we do this?


Steve McCombs “l enjoy the interaction with the participants.  It is great to introduce service members to the joys of turning.  There have been 3 Soldiers that have actually purchased their own lathe. I feel that this is just a little way that I can give back to the Service members that have given so much.”


wood turning courses

 Class participant “I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to try something new. I don’t know of any other place where you can learn to turn wood and create something all in one session. Steve really simplified the process and is an excellent teacher. If you attend this class, you might find a new hobby. I felt very confident and this skill has actually helped me in my pottery (the concept of the wood lathe is very similar to how you adjust and manipulate clay on a wheel).”


We have been in discussions with the local USO office to offer other types of woodworking classes in the future.


It is always a great thing to be able to give back to those that serve and have served their country.

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