DIY Colored Pencil Bowl

DIY Colored Pencil Bowl and how to make it.

It’s always great to have pieces in your home that you either make yourself, or that you understand how to make. You may find that it ads to a dinner party with the neighbors or friends, and that it can be a great conversation starter. Below you will find  DIY Colored Pencil Bowl piece, that you can make.

Let us know if you enjoy it, and ask us any questions you may have.


Check out our videos and read the steps you need to take to make your own bowl out of colored pencils.


Start off with about 250 colored pencils.


Depending on how you want it to look,  mix the resin with coloring. This particular bowl was mixed with a green coloring to tint the resin. I like doing this because it adds sort of a base color to the project.

Take a coffee can, place the pencils in the can, and then place the epoxy in the can. The can holds it together, so you get the shape.

Next, place a small round piece of wood at the base of the coffee can, this will serve as the base of the vase.


I start to add resin little by little, so that air pockets will not form. If they do show up, I have to fill them in once I start to turn the vase.


After a few days of drying, I take it to the lathe and start working the vase.

*Note, when sanding the vase, I blow air at the vase and sand paper. This keeps the colored pencil lead from running and staining the vase, since it is much softer than the wood.

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We hope you enjoyed this DIY Colored Pencil Bowl.

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