Being A Perfectionist and Finishing A Project

The issue of being a perfectionist and finishing a project.


When you make the statement “Is it good enough?” it gives the impression of mediocrity. But, is this really being mediocre? So let’s think about it for a second. If you look at things that you own, or have owned, we all buy what someone else has deemed good enough. Example, how many of us are still using our 2005 flip phone? I understand there is a difference, this is technology vs. arts and crafts.


But the essence of delivering a product is pretty similar, in my humble opinion. I have discussed this at length with other Artisans and craftspeople, and they all have this perfectionist dilemma. If you keep a piece around the shop too long you can always make improvements.


Also, there is a skill level that one achieves over time that comes to play in this.


I also play guitar, as well as being a woodworker, and you can always improve on your skill. But, the question always remains the same, am I good enough? Is my product good enough? Or, am I a perfectionist?


Not sure how you will look at this topic about being a perfectionist, but I am curious to get your opinion on the subject.


Next topic I want to discuss is, How to value your work? How do I price my work?

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