10 Signs You Are An Entrepreneur

10 Signs You Are An Entrepreneur

10 signs you are an entrepreneur  Veterans Start Your Online Business at VETARTS.COM

1.  Entrepreneurs Have Risk Taking Behaviors

An Entrepreneur must have risk taking behaviors, because without taking risk, a business can be finished before it even starts. It’s a risk to start a business. One thing I do want to point out is that you can’t always just take risk. There has to be a balance. Therefore, use your gut, analytics, and business strengths to weigh the risk.

2. Focus On The Big Picture

As an entrepreneurs always have a list of “to dos”. You might be one of those people that can multitask and multitask well, but you can’t do everything. Don’t lose focus of the Big Picture. Make a schedule. Prioritize your schedule, and learn from your mistakes. You number one priority is to make sales. Focus on the Big Picture instead of the tedious “to dos”.

3. A Rebellious Side

This is one my favorites. You remember back to when you are children, and may even see your children who have rebellious streaks. This may scare some parents, but honestly I always look at the positive side of this characteristic. People with rebellious streak make for amazing entrepreneurs, because they are not afraid to go the extra mile or take that big leap to reach their goals.

4. Desire to Build Things

I have heard many stories especially technology related about this. One was a friend of mine. Years ago when her children were younger, she had bought a computer for the family. When she came home one day, one of the kids had completely took apart the computer. She of course freaked out, thinking of how much money she had spent. Her son immediately started to put it back together and did. He just wanted to know how it worked, and wanted to see if he could rebuild it. This may have not seemed ideal, but it taught him so much. He became very innovative as he grew up, and started his own business.

5. Entrepreneurs Are Competitive

Being to competitive isn’t possible in my mind. Competition drives results. It’s as simple as that.

6. Tenacity

Tenacity is one of the most important attributes of an entrepreneur. They can’t be told no. When people you can’t do something, go do it. Prove them wrong.

7. Confidence

Their is a different in confidence and cocky. When you have confidence you believe in yourself, and others believe in you too. Think about it! Do you want to go into business with someone who is unsure of themselves?

8. Adaptability

The best advice I can give you is to adapt to the market. The market is constantly changing, no matter what business you are in. You must change with it, so you don’t get left behind. When you can do this, it will be hard for you to fail. Never stop learning! Never stop educating yourself!

stay hungry stay foolish

9. Curiosity

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat. It’s the compass that leads you to your passion. Your passion is what leads you to success. If you love it you will work ten times as hard at it. Be curious. It will bring you success.

10. Restlessness

There are no rules for an entrepreneur, because you will make the rules, and break them. Work weekends if you need to. Always think long term. Never follow, lead. Never settle, always keep going. Your future is only as bright as how far you go.

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