How A VETART’S Veteran Uses Art!

Click the video to hear about how this VETARTS Veteran  uses art!

Shawn Augustson, also known as “Kolbjörn”, is a self taught artist living in the United States. He currently resides in Columbus, Ohio. He joined the military after 9/11 where he served with the US Army in combat operations in Iraq from 2004 to 2006. Upon returning home from the war, he was diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety and Major Depressive Disorder and injuries to his lower back.

With the encouragement of an art therapist during one of his hospital stays he began using art as a therapy tool to help him cope with the obtrusive thoughts and emotions he was experiencing. After seeing the horrors of war, it is his intent to bring beauty to the world through his art. Shawn believes his work is best described as “Post-Traumatic Expression”.
His work is absolutely amazing, and can be seen on VETARTS.COM. Follow him today, and grab one of his pieces for your collection. You will be very glad you did.

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